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Hello everyone, and many apologies the blog has been so quiet of late. As you can imagine these things take quite a while to write so our main updates do tend to come from our Facebook page (if you haven’t liked it yet, why not – do so here please – https://www.facebook.com/SWGMC/) and from Twitter (feel free to follow us here for all the updates – https://twitter.com/SWGMC). Since it’s been so long this one isn’t our normal long piece, it’s more of a newsletter on what we’ve been up to, will be up to, and shouldn’t be up to. Our next blog has just landed as you may have noticed, and it is cracking. Our Chairman – Nick DeFigueiredo – writes compellingly on the relevance of pride to modern societies like ours where it appears we already ‘have it all’ here (http://swgmc.com/events/why-pride/) .

The next one will also be on the way soon I promise, as we’ll take you through what we got up to in Manchester (more on that in a mo) then give you a flavour of our new members evening, and finally we’ll follow up soon with a rundown on what we’re doing to get ready for Christmas (only 122 sleeps peeps!). So here we go…

We’ve been on tour:

Well, if you count going one place for the weekend ‘a tour’ that is… On the 18th of August we headed to everyone’s favourite Northern metropolis – Manchester, for the Hand in Hand LGBT Choir Festival, which took place all over the city last weekend. We were very excited to feature in the final gala concert of the event on Saturday 19th August at the Royal Northern College of Music, along with our hosts the Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus, the European Queer Choir and the Festival Chorus.

Calling New Members!

We do love new members, and September is the month we go all out to try and encourage everyone who’s ever thought about it but never quite made it, to come and have a look at our rehearsals and meet all the guys. New members evening are very relaxed and informal and we try to use it for a chance to get everyone chatting to everyone else, ply them with welshcakes and beverages, try a few fun songs to demonstrate how we learn music, and then go to the pub afterwards. We hope anyone thinking ‘shall I shan’t I’ will finally think ‘I shall’ and come join us on 7th September at 7.30pm at Roath Church House in Penylan. Please drop us a line if you want more details, or just turn up, we’d love to see you!

SWGMC finally ‘Cut a Record’:

We’re very proud to announce we are eagerly awaiting the first pressings of the choirs first official CD. As a result of our sterling success at the Cornwall International Male Voice Festival (read about it here – http://swgmc.com/member-notes/magic-weekend-away-part-1/) we figured it was undoubtedly time that we laid down a few tracks at the beautiful Acapela studios in Pentyrch and after a very successful day recording five of our favourite tracks and a music video we couldn’t be happier with how it all went. Stay tuned for more including our reveal of the release date, and the five tracks that will feature on our first ever ‘E.P’

It’s all well and good… In theory:

Several of the choir members went back to school for the day recently as our Assistant Musical Director extraordinaire Vicky took on the challenge of schooling some of the boys in music theory. For many who think about joining a choir, the most daunting bit is wondering how on earth you’ll learn to fit in with everyone else, sing in tune, and learn your bits, particularly when you join and everyone is looking at this extremely complicated stuff called ‘sheet music’. Vicky expertly took us through the complete basics of reading music and what all the little symbols and notes mean, so that many of us who sometimes feel we muddle through (because about half our members can’t read music!) felt a lot more confident at the end, and knew enough of the basics now to not be loss. The class was almost as much of a hit as the Sunday lunch we had during the break, so we’re going to try and convince Vicky to send another few recruits through bootcamp soon, maybe it could be you!

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