SWGMC Treasurer

Name: Mark Robert Anderson
Age: 26
Voice: Baritone
Year Joined SWGMC: 2012
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Treasurer - Mark Anderson
Treasurer 2014-2017 – Mark Anderson

Why I joined the chorus:
SWGMC, has been on my radar for a number of years, but whilst I was studying in Cardiff University, I felt I didn’t have the time. When I left my studies ad joined the world of work, I joined the chorus to do something different with my time and meet new people. Since 2012 I haven’t looked back and have achieved so much and made some incredible friendships.

Why I enjoy being a part of the chorus:
Being a baritone is about friendship, music, passion and excitement! It gets me travelling to great places, singing, performing and having fun with a great bunch of lads. For me personally it’s also like having a family away from home; with such a diverse group of people, all ages and we’re all willing to work hard but not take ourselves too seriously.

Why I ran to be treasurer:
Singing with the chorus is incredibly rewarding and I enjoy every moment. But I love to get involved with things and I am passionate and enthusiastic about practising what I preach by putting words into action. With a background in Maths, the treasurer role was a simple choice and I contribute as much as I can and try and be as reflectively vocal on behalf of the boys and of progress to help better the chorus, taking us from strength to strength into our 6th year. Helping us keep a tight reign our accounts will enable us to think big and travel to great festivals and occasions the boys love being a part of.

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