SWGMC Musical Director

Name: Andy Bulleyment
Age: 35
Voice: “Loud”
Year Joined SWGMC: 2008 (Inaugral member)
Social Profiles: Facebook
Musical Director - Andrew Bulleyment
Musical Director 2008-2017 – Andy Bulleyment

Why I joined the chorus:
Before the choir started in 2008 there were not a huge number of opportunities in South Wales for gay men to get together and socialise outside of the gay bar and club ‘scene’. I knew there were gay choruses elsewhere in the UK, in London, Brighton and Manchester and it seemed obvious to try and set up one here in Wales. I never believed the choir would take off and be as successful as it is and I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved.

Why I enjoy being a part of the chorus:
South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus has grown to be a fantastic community of wonderful people from many different backgrounds and social situations who are all brought together by the choir. Everyone is very friendly and it creates such a positive environment that you just can’t help having a great time whatever we might be doing, be it rehearsing, performing or at one of our (many) social events.

Why I ran to be music director:
I’ve sung in choirs since I was very young and carried on singing when I came to Cardiff to study. I then progressed to directing and conducting choirs and instrumental groups. At the time I set up the SWGMC I was music director and conductor of the City of Cardiff Concert Band as well as playing for several orchestras so had lots of musical experience. When the chorus really took off and started to grow I cut down on the band and other musical groups to focus my attention on the choir. It’s a massive amount of work preparing the music and concerts but I’ve got a fantastic music team to help me and it’s wonderful when all ideas come together to produce the amazing performances that the SWGMC boys give.

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