SWGMC Creative Lead

Name: Philip Truman
Age: 47
Voice: Tenor 2
Year Joined SWGMC: 2011
Social Profiles: Facebook
Creative Team Leader - Philip Truman
CTL 2014-2016 – Philip Truman

Why I joined the chorus:
Having not sung since my school days many (many!) years ago I thought it was high time that I got back into something I really enjoyed, but up until my 40s I never really had the confidence to pursue it. A friend introduced me to the choir and I’ve never looked back…

Why I enjoy being a part of the chorus:
It’s great fun being with this many ‘gays’ who share the same passion as me. I have a great social circle of friends from being in the choir. I feel lucky, honoured and privileged to know and be, with the 40 or so talented individuals and of course our music team.

Yes, it can be incredibly hard work and stressful at times, however the end result is most definitely worth all the effort. I’ve seen us grow from being a local community choir to a larger and well respected male voice chorus, and the opportunities we have had and have embraced together have been an amazing, humbling and sometimes surreal experience.

Why I ran to be creative lead:
As the chorus grew in numbers we needed a dedicated team who could deal with the non-singing aspects of performances; such as costumes, movement, staging and all the props. As the committee already have more than enough to do, we created the role of Creative Team Leader and with it the proposal for a small group of volunteers who could contribute to all things fun in the creative space. At which point I was nominated and elected to the committee. The boys will tell you I have a somewhat bossy nature (if they’re feeling polite), but I’m rather good at organising and think I’m well respected, for a direct approach and one that will ‘get the job done.’

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