Name: Nick de Figueiredo
Age: 27
Voice: Baritone
Year Joined SWGMC: 2011
Social Profiles: Facebook | Twitter
Chair 2016-2017 – Nick de Figueiredo

Why I joined the chorus:
I initially joined because I was going back to university for a postgraduate course after taking a year out, and I wanted to make sure that I had something fun to do alongside my postgraduate studies. I’d heard about SWGMC through a friend of somebody on the music team and it sounded like a fun group so I came along to a New Members’ Evening and the rest, as they say, is history.

Why I enjoy being a part of the chorus:
One of the things I love about SWGMC is the breadth of music that we get to perform. The music team are excellent and arrange some really wonderful pieces for us to sing. We also get to perform in lots of different places and in front of lots of different audiences – no two performances are the same and that makes life as a Chorus member really exciting, if fairly exhausting at times. I also love the social aspect of SWGMC – I’ve met some of my best friends through the Chorus – and one of my favourite things about being a member is that I’ve met lots of guys of all ages and backgrounds that I don’t think I would ever have met otherwise. This has broadened my perspective beyond my own personal experiences and is something I’ve really enjoyed and which, I feel, is something that makes being part of a group like SWGMC really special.

Why I ran to be Chair:

I had already been on the SWGMC Committee as Chorus Liaison Officer for a few years before I ran for Chair. My experience in that role showed me how much work went on behind the scenes, and I could see how important it was to have a committee that was well supported so we could run the Chorus as smoothly as possible. This was the driving force behind running for Chair, and since I started in the role in February 2016 I’ve worked to support the Committee, and our fabulous Music Team, in putting our best foot forward and showcasing all the wonderful qualities and talents of the Chorus, both in our performances and in everything else we do.

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